We established Ulla Lab with a desire to give something back to the land we grew up in and do something that would have a positive impact on our local community.
We started in Naples, in the south of Italy, a land of extreme beauty renowned for its artisanal tailoring heritage, yet a place of deep social contrasts and economic inequality.
With our 100% Made in Naples collection we’re committed to Zero KM production. All of our manufacturing suppliers are entirely based in the region and each business partner, from consultants to freelancers, has been selected locally.


We’re a team of women who support other women.

So far the company is 100% women-owned and we require all of our external partners to have adequate gender representation.

We endorse women’s entrepreneurship, invest in women-owned businesses and do our best to ensure that other women’s voices are heard.


At Ulla Lab we’re planting the seed of a sustainable conscience in an area where this kind of sensitivity is still in its early stage. We do this by working to improve the sustainability of the processes of each stakeholder involved in the brand.
We’ve worked hard to create a brand that cares for the environment, the people working with us, our local communities and our little consumers.